Wahe Balik passionately runs his own garage in Scharendijke. He feels like a real Zeeuw, with Armenian roots. He enjoys his work in this beautiful place in Zeeland.


“The day starts at half past seven. I start my day with a cup of coffee. I look outside and enjoy the clouds, the smell of manure and the windmill. I am open six days a week and on Sundays I do the bookkeeping and the big cleaning. You won't find a drop of engine oil on the floor in my garage. ”

A real Zeeuw with Armenian roots

“I really feel like a Zeeuw. But my Armenian roots are also important. If I forget who I am I might as well hide in a corner; you should never forget your roots.”

“The garage is my pride and joy. I work with a smile on my face, every day. When people pass by with their cars, I like to have a chat.”

You are very welcome at our company in Scharendijke!

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